Spring 2018

The Zoo and other animals

The Zoo is an early musical work by Sir Arthur Sullivan of Gilbert & Sullivan fame.

First staged in London in 1875, this delightful one-act musical with words by a chap calling himself Bolton Rowe (real name B C Stephenson), deals with the farcical events surrounding two pairs of lovers visiting a zoo for the day.


Our performance of 'The Zoo' was preceded by a selection of animal-themed songs. 


Great review by Mark Aspen here https://markaspen.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/zoo/


And an excellent NODA review - download link below.

NODA review of 'The Zoo'
NODA HLOC - The Zoo.docx
Microsoft Word document [60.5 KB]

Spring 2017

'Trial By Jury' plus a selection of law-themed songs

Spring 2015 - G & S Revue

We'd like to thank everyone who came to our 'G & S' revue, covering 100 years of musical  history and featuring items beginning with, or involving, the letters G and S.

Spring 2014 - How The West Was Sung

Howdy Folks,


Well, the cattle are in their corral and the wagon trains have moved on. If you came and saw the revue we hope you enjoyed it and will join us again.