The Mikado, October 2016

Directed by Helen Smith, this was a colourful and traditional production with a few twists!


Musical director Lee Dewsnap won the artsrichmond Swan Awards' Adjudicator's award for his one-man orchestral organ accompaniment.

Tony Cotterill was district winner of NODA London's Malcolm Rose Award for 'Best Male Performer in a G&S' for his portrayal of Ko-Ko.


Review by Mark Aspen


Photos by John Malone

Godspell, March 2016

We hope everyone who came to see this joyous and colourful musical celebration of life, love and community had as much fun as we had performing it!

Directed by Rachel White with musical direction by Lee Dewsnap.

Photos by Beth Clews. 

'Save the people' John Furlong as Jesus, with L-R: Luigi Fulgoni, Paul Huggins, Patrick Hooper, Genevra Martinez, Stephen Hopkins and Peter King
'Day By Day' Anne Pringle
L-R: Rae White, John Furlong, Claire Johnston
'Learn your lessons well' Helen Smith
'Bless the Lord' Lindsey Anne Carter (centre front) with L-R: Jo Harry, Rae White, Helen Smith, Claire Johnston, Anne Pringle, Lis Guest, Genevra Martinez
'All for the best' Andy Cox as Judas (L) and John Furlong as Jesus (R)
'All good gifts' L-R: Luigi Fulgoni, Peter King, Patrick Hooper
'Turn back, O man' Claire Johnston as Sonia (R) with John Furlong as Jesus (L)
'We beseech thee, hear us!' Claire Johnston (centre front) with L-R: Peter King, Jo Harry, Helen Smith, Lindsey Anne Carter, John Furlong, Rae White, Genevra Martinez, Lis Guest, Paul Huggins, Anne Pringle, Andy Cox
John Furlong as Jesus with L-R: Paul Huggins, Patrick Hooper, Genevra Martinez, Stephen Hopkins