If you're interested in musical theatre, HLO may be just the place for you. We have members and helpers who are involved on stage, backstage and 'front of house' (which includes welcoming people, selling programmes and raffle tickets, and showing people to their seats) for performances. 


Where and when do we rehearse? 

Normally on Monday nights, 8pm-10pm, at St Stephen's Church Hall, Parkside Road, Hounslow TW3 2BP.



Buses : 281, 111

Train   : Hounslow Station - 5 minute walk

Tube   : Hounslow Central (Piccadilly Line) 15 minute walk.


Membership fees

There is a basic membership fee which is currently £20.00 a year if you pay by standing order (once a year in January) and £25.00 if you pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. This fee allows you to take part in many of our events including social events, carol-singing and some concerts, vote at the Annual General Meeting and any other meetings that are called during the year. 


There is an additional show fee for the main yearly show and some other shows, such as revues involving dance numbers and costumes. The amount of the show fee will vary each year based on the show's requirements - for example, the venue (shows at Hampton Hill Theatre cost more), whether we need to pay royalties (which doesn't apply to Gilbert and Sullivan shows, but does apply to most others) and hire costumes/scenery/musicians. 


Show fees for 2020 

The Roaring Twenties revue: £30

Trial by Music: £60 (whole show) £40 (one act only) or £10 (balcony choir)


Student membership

If you are a current or recent student you receive a 10% discount on all fees - making the basic subscription £18 a year if you pay by standing order. This applies up until one year after your graduation date. 

Roles on stage




We are known for having one of the best choruses in the area. You can't overestimate the importance of a good chorus, and we are always looking for a varied range of voices so we maintain a good balance. You could have one of the voices we are looking for.


There is no formal audition process for joining our chorus. We want to encourage you to come along and not be intimidated by having to 'perform' before you feel comfortable about being with us. At some point our Musical Director may ask you to sing something so they can check you are singing in the right range for your voice, but this will be very informal. 




Anyone can audition for principal roles in our productions, whether you are already a member or not. When we are auditioning for a show we'll post the audition dates, pieces and instructions on the 'Auditions' page. If you are cast in a principal role you'll need to be a member of the company and pay the membership and show fees. Look at the 'Join Us' page for details. 




We hire musicians for our productions depending on what the show requires. You'll usually need to have at least Grade 8 in your instrument, although we may make exceptions depending on experience. If you're interested in playing for our productions, please send your details to info.hlo.org@zohomail.eu





There are many jobs away from the limelight that go to make a successful production.


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager






Front of House


These are only a few examples. If you'd like to help out during a show week, or you have a skill that might be of interest to us, please send your details to info.hlo.org@zohomail.eu