Covid-19 update

At the moment we are still hoping to go ahead with our autumn show, but we will keep this under review as things develop. We will update this information as and when we know more. 

Trial By Music

a Gilbert and Sullivan revue

Hampton Hill Theatre, Late 2020

Director: Wesley Henderson-Roe

Musical director: Lee Dewsnap

Imagine Gilbert suing Sullivan for greater recognition of his contribution to the success of the Savoy Operas.


Now imagine these court proceedings taking place in the afterlife, in a 'Utopian' court, with both sides aided and abetted by characters from the Savoy Operas. 


That's the premise of 'Trial By Music', an original Gilbert and Sullivan revue featuring a  marvellous miscellany of music from the Savoy Operas and concluding with a full performance of 'Trial by Jury'. Originally produced by Wes for Thousand Days Productions at Hampton Hill several years ago, this is its first revival. 


We'll be looking for a whole range of people to be involved including principals, chorus and Balconeers (who sit in the side balconies and sing the chorus numbers). 


For more information or to register your interest, please get in touch with Wes at